Prevoy's Social Club

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  • 1968

Graduation card from the Prevoys.

Notes: My mother’s friend, Ben Abney, described the Prevoys as a group of popular, cool, and middle class kids who “threw mega parties” that were good, clean fun. At one of those parties in Manhattan, someone took Ben’s brand new cashmere coat from the coat check and left him with their old one. I asked Violet Avery about the Prevoys – she was a member of the Prevoys and helped plan that party. She explained:

Violet: ...when we went by your, your grandmother's house, you know, she [Umi] used to play [the piano] and we used to dance...and you know, we just sit around and laugh... and at that time also we was in a social club called the Prevoys. There was five girls and five boys and our first dance we had at The Dome in Manhattan. And we had Willie Colon...We had rented the place and we charged people and made a little bit of money….it must have been, say 1964. Cause we wasn't really, you know, in [high school yet], we were going to high school.

Yes friends, THE Willie Colon.