On Distant Relatives

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  • Livestream Recording
  • September 4, 2021

On Distant Relatives: On Diaspora, Black Ethnicity, and Black Freedom, a conversation between curator Su'ad Abdul Khabeer and professor Joshua B. Guild On Diaspora, Black Ethnicity, and Black Freedom

On Political Education, Organizing and the Prison Industrial Complex with Jihad Abdulmumit, Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement August 7, 2021

Weusi! Tutashinda bila shaka: On Black consciousness, Black dance and Black identity with Jasmine E. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies July 7, 2021

al-Mujadilah: On Black women in Love, in Heartbreak and in Sistren with intimacy & relationships expert, The Village Auntie, Angelica Lindsey-Ali. June 12, 2021

Amatullah: On The Spiritual Lives of Black Muslim Women with Aisha Al-Adawiya May 8, 2021

Why Umi’s Archive? with Leslie Hewitt April 4, 2021