"She was the cool sister"

  • Jamaica, NY
  • October 11, 2017

Oral history interview with Umi's close friend, Sadiyah Abdul-Hakim.

Notes: Auntie Sadiyah came by the house a few days after the funeral to help me go through Umi's things. She started sharing stories so I popped open the a voice recording app on my mobile phone. In addition to being a good friend who was little younger than Umi, Auntie or Sister Sadiyah was raised in a Muslim family. Her father, Rajab Abdul-Wahab, converted to Islam in 1949 and her mother, Laila Abdeen, was raised in a Muslim family (her parents were Bashir and Mariam Abdeen). Sister Sadiyah and her family were members of the State Street masjid community.