Islamic Centers of America

Islamic Centers of America
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • March 1975

Editorial on the challenges facing Muslims in the US in 1975. The Minaret was a Brooklyn based periodical published by Muhammad A. Munim.

Notes: The Minaret was a New York City-based periodical published by Mohammad (Muhammad) A. Munim from 1974-2000. These images are early versions of The Minaret, which later was published as a small sized newspaper. The Minaret aimed to cover the national (US) and international Muslim community. It was distributed across the United States, including the various consulates of Muslim countries around the world and in New York City. Originally from Hyderabad, India, Munim also founded Muslim World Day in the late 1970's with the help of other community members. Muslim World Day held banquets, food fairs, and the Muslim World Day Parade.

Umi was friends with Munim's wife Jameelah, and when I asked their daughter Firdos Shircliff about the newspaper, in addition to providing the detaiils above, she said: "The Minaret was my father's love, he loved the Muslim community and was completely dedicated to its growth and prosperity."

Here, Munim's analysis seems still very relevant.